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Bereavement Flight Ticket


Bereavement Flights: How to Save on Bereavement Fares and Secure Your Ticket


Losing a loved one is an incredibly challenging experience, and during such times, the process of booking a flight can be emotionally and financially burdensome. However, many airlines offer bereavement flights or compassionate fares to help ease the burden for travelers facing such circumstances. In this article, we will explore what bereavement flights are and provide valuable tips on how to save on bereavement fares while securing your ticket promptly.


Understanding Bereavement Flights:


Bereavement flights are special airline fares designed to accommodate passengers traveling due to the death or critical illness of a family member or close relative. These fares are often offered at discounted rates, and in some cases, they come with more flexible booking and cancellation policies to cater to the urgent and unpredictable nature of such travel.


Airlines Offering Bereavement Fares:


While the availability of bereavement fares has decreased over the years, some airlines still provide compassionate discounts to support passengers during difficult times. Airlines like Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, Air Canada, and Lufthansa are known for offering such fares, although the specific terms and conditions may vary.


How to Get a Bereavement Flight Ticket:


Reach Out to Airlines Directly: When you need to book a bereavement flight, the first step is to contact the airlines directly. While many airlines no longer advertise bereavement fares on their websites, they may still have special policies in place to assist passengers during emergencies.


Explain Your Situation: When speaking with airline representatives, explain your circumstances honestly and clearly. Let them know that you are looking for a bereavement fare due to the death or critical illness of a family member. Airlines often require some form of verification, such as a death certificate or a note from a healthcare professional, so be prepared to provide necessary documentation.


Compare Fares: Even when seeking bereavement fares, it's essential to compare prices across different airlines. In some cases, regular discounted fares or other promotional offers may be more cost-effective than the designated bereavement fares.


Consider Nearby Airports: If your destination has multiple airports, check fares for nearby airports as well. Sometimes, flying into an alternative airport can lead to significant cost savings.


Be Flexible with Dates and Times: Flexibility is key when booking bereavement flights. Be open to traveling during off-peak hours or on weekdays, as these flights may have lower demand and more affordable fares.


Use Fare Aggregators and Travel Websites: Utilize fare aggregator websites and travel booking platforms to search for discounted fares across various airlines. These platforms can save you time and effort by presenting multiple options in one place.


Consider One-Way Tickets: If you are uncertain about your return date, consider booking one-way tickets initially. One-way fares may offer more flexibility, and you can always book a return ticket at a later date if needed.


Join Frequent Flyer Programs: If you travel frequently or anticipate future travel needs, consider joining the frequent flyer program of the airline you choose. Accumulating miles and status within the program can lead to future savings and benefits.


Which are the top airlines offering bereavement flights?


WestJet Airline

Lufthansa Airline

Air Canada Airline


Booking a bereavement flight during times of grief can be emotionally taxing. However, knowing that some airlines offer compassionate fares can provide some relief. By reaching out to airlines directly, explaining your situation, comparing fares, and remaining flexible, you can save on bereavement fares and secure a ticket to be with your loved ones when they need you the most.




Q1: Can I book a bereavement flight online?

Yes, many airlines and travel agencies offer the option to book bereavement flights online. However, for personalized assistance and additional support, it's recommended to contact compassionate flight booking services like AwesomeHolidaysNeverEnds.


Q2: Are bereavement fares always the cheapest option?

Bereavement fares may not always be the cheapest option, but they often offer flexibility and other benefits that can be valuable during a difficult time. At AwesomeHolidaysNeverEnds., we strive to find the best possible fares while also prioritizing your emotional needs.


Q3: Can I change my bereavement flight if needed?

Absolutely. AwesomeHolidaysNeverEnds. works closely with airlines to secure fully refundable or changeable tickets for bereavement travel. We understand that plans may need to be adjusted, and we are here to assist you with any necessary changes.